Maintenance and Cleaning of Rug Carpets

Prevention & Maintenance

1.1 Prevention is better

Place mats in front of the house door to trap the dirt. This will stop outside dirt from getting onto your carpet. Also bear in mind that a dark carpet won’t show dirt and stains as much as a light carpet will.

1.2 Vacuum regularly

1.3 Clean in-depth

1.4 Wet shampoo

1.5 Absorbent powder

1.6 Aerosol foam shampoo

1.7 Spray injection-extraction

1.8 Factory cleaning

First Aid for Stains

1 React quickly

Do not allow stains to dry in but remove them immediately with a clean kitchen cloth. Then remove solid elements with a spoon. Find out the type of stain, so that you can look up the most suitable product in the stain table below.

2 Bleach Cleanable

3. Thorough treatment

A. Water

B. Soap Powder solution

C. Thinner

D. Dry cleaning solvent

E. Acetone