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EKO step bins are our latest addition to our collection of home accessories. Blending quality designs with professional technology, the EKO shell pedal bin is constructed with a patented damper system for noise free closure. Its wall – leaving design allows the bin to fit flush against your wall, saving precious space. Designed with a built – in plastic bag fixer, a convenient back handle and removable inner bin, the EKO bin well wit seamlessly into your kitchen or office.
AguaAguaAqua is a beautifully crafted, acrylic 4Pcs. bath set collection. The collection boasts of beautiful inlay of dried leaves, flowers and twigs , making it eye-catching and stunning . Add the ultimate stroke of fun and style to your bathroom with this stunning collection.
Rio MatsRio MatsTake your surfaces to a whole new level with Rio Shelf Liner perfect for just about any room in your home. Made of PVC, Rio Metallic Shelf Liner, is easy to install and help keep your shelves and drawers clean, organized in style. Ideal for all areas in your home, the liner won't degrade over time.
Alvina Bath SetsAlvina Bath SetsOrganize your bathroom counters for bright & beautiful mornings with our Bath set collections. Just choose from different designs, materials, shade colours to keep your bath decor in style, put each item in its place to achieve an opulent look. Collection includes soap dishes, lotion dispensers, tumblers, toilet brushes and toothbrush holder.
Step BinThe step bins are premium products that strike a balance between quality and affordability. It is also packed with features like soft-closing lids, finger print proof brushed stainless steel and smooth operating step pedals. It looks so good that it can actually accessories a dull surroundings in an instance. Step bins are a great balance between functionality, durability and price point.
080402-CharcoalElementOrganize and spruce up the look of your bathroom with this 4Pcs. Bath Set. Stylish design, high quality and durable. Availbale in a range of bright colours to gel with any kind of interiors.