En'vogue Furnishings India Pvt. Ltd.

  A sister division of Obsessions, Envogue Furnishings caters to the luxury needs of people by offering a huge collection of home decoration items. Homes and offices are a reflection of one's personal style, and Envogue brings you the right products to embellish your surroundings just the way you like. Offering vibrant colors, trendy designs and unique patterns of bathroom curtains, bath rugs, bath mats, bathroom sets, kitchen and table wares, etc, the company gives you the opportunity to rediscover your house and add grace to every corner of your home with world-class accessories.

Product Line

  Envogue comprises of a wide range of home and bathroom accessories to jazz up your home. The company feeds the appetite of luxury lovers by providing them with an exquisite variety of bathroom mats, shower mats, bathroom sets, shower curtains and rods, laundry baskets and toilet brush sets, along with an irresistible collection of door mats and runners, table mats, yoga/exercise mats, anti-slip mats, kitchen and table wares.